You are the audlt fan of "Fullmetal Alchemist" anime series? You got actually tired of seeing attractive Winry Rockbell in her grunt work garments all the time? You actually assume that she and Edwin should fuck already and by this to solve at least half of their troubles? This hentai parody comics is specifically what you need since it will satisfy all of your passions at as soon as!
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[Thecoldsbarn] Milf Hunter (My Little Pony)

MILFs are wanted eveywhere and even the world of "My Littel Pony: Friendship is Magic" is not an excpetion! Milfs below are hot and charming at the really same time, they have large round boobs and however gorgeous backsides and - which is porbably the most integral part - they recognize their means with horsecocks! Well, at least the one shown in this vivid parody comics - that's for sure!
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Enshoku Niku Sakura – Coquettish Flesh Cherry (Dead or Alive)

It is not a key that major heroines of "Active or dead" franchise Kausmi and Ayane have actually large boobs. What if they would additionally have actually large ... muscular tissues? Oh yep, then these two can conveniently dominate every male around! They can turn them into their living fucktoys whenever they will get horny! And of course, they will get really horny in this outstanding hentai parody comics!
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[Kensoh Ogawa (Fukudahda)] C94 no Omake (Various) [English]

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Second Opportunity Extended

Do you believe in second chances? Teen Tiatns' guys and girls are likely to believe in second chances... or maybe they are enthralled by Blackfire enough that they are eager to have her join their group and enjoy playing game of improvised sexual sex. Blackfire will be given many chances to prove her place in this community in everything from lesbian sex to threesomes and bedrooms , all the way to showers.
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King of Fighters EX

This comics doesn't have any kind of dialogs in it since it has an additional task - it should show you that girls from different legendary combating videogames such as "Street Fighetr" and "King of Fighters" can in fact work together rather well! Only their 'workthis time will be not in winning an additional one martial arts event yet in making a number of horny guys to cum! Are you all set?
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(Tracy Scops)- The Nuptials

Working as a digital photographer made Peter Parker fairly experienced in adhering to and watching people ... unless he goes on a goal as Spider-Man come with by Balck Pet cat - in this instance he can neglect concerning any kind of skills or strategies due to the fact that everhting will be wrecked anyways. By what? By Black Pet cat's need to fuck her covered up boyfriend which she is not going to hold in this new vivid story from Tracy Scops!
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Omae wa Dare to Smooch o Suru? Side K (Gintama) [English]

Even though the world of "GinTama" is a fictional anime world there is still at least one rule that operates in it for sure - the more attractive the gal is the wierder requests she gets. What if such request comes from a person to whom our heroine cant reject no matter what? And also what happens if this request has to do with taking a person's virginity? Inquiries, inquiries ... and also the solutions are in this hentai parody comics!
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[Root] The Sacred Sisterhood (World of Warcraft)

In fantasy worlds there are many strange customs and also practices. Some draeneis truly believe that they can summon the wonderful goodness by making an elven chick to hit the orgasm at a special area and also in a special time. What is the ideal part of this ritual is that even if it wont work as expected the two fans will still have get their section of fun and also joy!
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Inner Fire

Flame Princess is hot! And also not only in the usual means (due to the fact that she is constructed from fire) yet she is hotter than usual - today she is sexually delighted and also she actually could make use of a person's aid with this strange new feeling ... and also who can offer a far better aiding hand than her bff Fionna the Human being? Something tells us that offering an aiding hand will be only the really beginning with these two ...
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